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The WI is an Organisation which is always changing and evolving to meet the needs of the 21st Century: nowhere is this more so than in Hampshire.  Each WI meets monthly, in the morning, afternoon or evening and is run by its members for its members through an elected Committee so each is different.  With 200 WI’s spread all over the County, there is sure to be one near you so why not visit one or two?  You may choose a day when an activity is taking place or a talk.  You will be given a friendly welcome and there is always someone to talk to and to answer any questions

If you want to help shape the future of the WI why not join your Committee or serve on a Federation Sub Committee, even think about becoming a Trustee.  It is said the WI is here to Inspire you: it is what you make of it and everything you want it to be so the future is in the hands of its members and its future members.

Think about it and for further information about the WI’s in Hampshire do contact WI House who will happily put you in touch with someone who can give you further information.

Good luck and I hope to meet you at a meeting.


Maureen Levenson Chairman HCFWI

WI House

At the Board Meeting on 14th September, the Trustees agreed to sell WI House in Winchester and to purchase Horizon House in Eastleigh.

The purchase of the new property and all the associated expenses was met from the sale of WI House.

The Trustees felt that if the Federation stayed in Winchester, certain major works - the flat roof, the kitchen and a lift of sorts - would need to be undertaken. The stairs would remain steep and dangerous; the corridors narrow with no facility for wheelchairs so the property would remain inaccessible for some members and shortly, WI House would no longer meet the Members’ needs.

Horizon House is a modern office building, located diagonally across from the Railway Station in Eastleigh and the back of the property is across from the Bus Station: a short way along is the Swan Centre, where all day parking is available on the upper levels.

There is secure parking under the House together with some storage space. Access is at street level with a slope to the front door. On this floor there are three toilets (one which is suitable for wheelchair users). There is ample office and meeting space; a room already equipped for computer training and a kitchen with fridge and dishwasher. Wide shallow stairs connects this area to the upper floor which is similar in layout; room for events and with a kitchen and two toilets. It is our intention to install an internal lift from the parking area through the building to the upper floor as soon as is practical.

Should members have any questions about the Board’s decision or want further information, contact Maureen Levenson, Chairman.

Please Contact Us if you would like more information about the WI.

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